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Portland Mutt Strut, LLC, an Oregon-licensed, insured and bonded company based in NE Portland has been providing dog walking and pet sitting services since January 2009. A locally-owned and operated company, our team of dog walkers and pet sitters will give you our fullest attention, your pets the finest of care and show you why we were named:

Top Dog #1 Pet Sitter for three consecutive years
2013, 2012 and 2011
 Spot Magazine's Readers

Wag More, Worry Less. The health and happiness of your pets, and your own confidence and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. You're inviting Portland Mutt Strut's dog walkers and pet sitters into your home to care for your beloved pets. This partnership is based on respect and professionalism and we nurture that relationship with the highest commitment to quality and compassion.

Our Animal Care Companions, Only the Best. While your best friend enjoys their normal at-home routine, you too can rest assured that, next to you, they are in the best of all possible hands. All of Portland Mutt Strut's professional dog walkers and pet sitters are stringently screened, carefully trained and regularly reviewed.

Our professional dog walkers and pet sitters not only love and treat your pets as they do their own, but each has extensive animal care experience, including the skills involved in walking all types of dogs. So, whether it's a rambunctious puppy with energy to burn or a senior citizen cat with diabetes that needs medication, you can count on Portland Mutt Strut's dog walkers and pet sitters to provide a level of care, affection and attention second only to yours.

The hallmark of our dog walking and pet sitting team is our EXPERIENCE. We only hire the very best who meet Portland Mutt Strut's strict criteria:

  • Extensive animal handling skills
  • Passion and love for all animals
  • Superior customer service skills
  • 100% commitment to our clients
  • Unwavering reliability
  • Experience in administering medication/treatments
  • Ability to think on their feet and calmly handle any situation that may arise

Portland Mutt Strut gladly takes on the pets that other dog walkers and pet sitters would prefer not to handle, such as:

  • The big strong dog who overreacts to other dogs on his walk
  • The sneaky cat that disappears when it's time for medication
  • The frightened rabbit that needs its space and lots of time to warm up to others
  • The young dog who needs to learn proper etiquette and whose mission in life is to pull you down the street with wild abandon
  • The home with a full brood of pets, each with special needs, including customized meals and routines, wide array of medications and orchestrated sleeping arrangements
Patricia McKinney
  • Founder and Owner of Portland Mutt Strut, LLC
  • Manages all aspects of the business including day-to-day operations, marketing, finance, contracts and customer service
  • Full-time Animal Care Companion

Patricia's love of animals propelled her to follow her passion full-time and start Portland Mutt Strut. As a former Oregon Humane Society Volunteer for over ten years, she developed extensive experience handling and walking all types of dogs. Her animal handling and team leading skills have proven invaluable during technical rescues involving dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals, including these disaster and neglect rescues:

  • New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: part of the Humane Society of the United States largest animal rescue and sheltering operation handling and caring for over 200 "challenging breeds" after their rescue from the hurricane
  • St. Louis, Missouri: aided the local Humane Society in providing daily care for over 500 pit bulls rescued from a Federal bust of a multi-state dog fighting ring
  • Burns, Oregon: participated with the Oregon Humane Society in rescuing over 130 feral dogs from cruel mistreatment and neglect and followed up by aiding in their rehabilitation to get ready for adoption
  • Angel's Rest and Mt. Hood, Oregon: aided in two different technical rescues of a dog fallen off a cliff, requiring extensive hiking and technical equipment knowledge and high-angle rescue skills
  • Hillsboro, Oregon: aided Hillsboro Police in the care of over 100 rabbits rescued from a hoarding household
  • Chehalis, Washington: participated with the Oregon Humane Society in rescuing and transporting over 25 cats from a hoarding household

A continual learner, Patricia studies and learns from dog training experts though workshops, books and videos. She also instructs her Animal Care Companions in the proper skills and knowledge needed for any scenario they may encounter while dog walking or pet sitting. But her best teachers are her four-legged animals who continually educate and inspire Patricia every day.

Jennifer S
  • Animal Care Companion
    since Sep 2009
  • Advisor to Portland Mutt Strut on all animal behavior and training concerns

Jennifer is the consummate animal lover and if she had her way, she would spend every moment with them. As Oregon Humane Society's (OHS) Animal Training and Behavior Assistant since 2007, she's responsible for understanding animal behavior and helping diagnose and heal family-pet relationships. Portland Mutt Strut is extremely pleased to have access to her behavior and training knowledge and expertise. Jennifer is also part of the team that instructs Portland area dog owners at OHS' Learning Center, teaching:

Jennifer has been an OHS Volunteer since 2002 and received the prestigious "Volunteer of the Year" Award in 2006. She also serves on OHSTAR, OHS Technical Animal Rescue team and her animal handling skills, animal behavior expertise and calm demeanor have proven invaluable during technical rescues involving dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals.

With OHSTAR, Jennifer participated in several rescue and emergency animal sheltering events, including New Orleans' Katrina, Angels Rest, and Burns, Oregon rescues. In fact, her passion is so strong that she adopted Emi, a Shiba Inu from the Burns rescue. Emi went from a frightened and lost dog that just had a litter of puppies, to an extremely happy, healthy and loving member of Jennifer's family.

As Portland Mutt Strut's animal behavior advisor, Jennifer provides valuable insight to our Animal Care Companions and clients when faced with a challenging pet. She regularly attends behavior training workshops given by top experts in the field. As a graduate of a 12-week Dog Training Course given by Animal Behavior College, her expertise has proven to be invaluable.

Jessica P
  • Animal Care Companion
    since Mar 2012

Jessica is an animal lover to the core. She is an active volunteer at the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society in Washougal, WA since 2009. She not only cares for, cleans cages and loves up on the cats there, but she participates in numerous outreach events and provides foster care for the shelter animals in her own home.

Being with her two-legged and four-legged family is how Jessica spends her free time. She also enjoys reading, watching movies and walking dogs. She has grown up with cats and dogs and had a budding business while in her teens pet sitting rats, gerbils, birds, guinea pigs and even a couple of chickens and ducks! We are extremely lucky to have her experience with us.

Her family of pets includes her dog Asia (pictured here) as well as her clowder of cats, SeaSea, MoMo, Kirk and Beatle Mew.

Evan L-E
  • Overnight Animal Care Companion
    since Jan 2013

Evan brings a ton of experience to our team. Originally from Vermont, Evan started his skilled dog walking career in Chicago where he worked for a professional pet sitting company for four years. He’s a natural with pets and they can instantly feel his calm and loving spirit as soon as they meet him. He expanded his skills by working at a shelter in New Orleans as he made his way to the Northwest to join us.

Travel, gardening, music and art are Evan’s passions. He’s journeyed to France, Russia and Korea to study art and also spent five months in the British Isles exploring, meeting people and even working in a pub in Dingle, Ireland. Evan has honed his customer service skills throughout his travels and thoroughly understands and appreciates the importance of exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our four-legged clients thoroughly love Evan and always look forward to his smile, positive energy and of course, their joyous walks with him.

Tyla D
  • Animal Care Companion
    since Oct 2013

Tyla's passion for animals was fostered while working in the dog kennels at the Oregon Humane Society for four years. Not only did she handle, assess, feed, clean and love all types of dogs up for adoption, but she also served as a matchmaker finding the right home for each of the dogs. We are excited to have Tyla and her experience join our team. Before joining Oregon Humane Society Tyla was a pet sitter in Lake Oswego and NW Portland for three years.

She developed her advanced dog handling skills by working with many dog breeds and temperaments. To that end, Tyla and her husband adopted a large, challenging but lovable 108 lb Saint Bernard dog who was brought to the Oregon Humane Society with behavior problems. Tyla brought "Kiddo" home and with Tyla's patience, persistence and knowledge was able to help Kiddo become assimilated into their family, including getting along with their cat, Derek. Both Kiddo and all our clients benefit from Tyla's calm, easy-going, but confident presence.

A native of Oregon, Tyla graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design. Tyla and her husband own and operate The American Dream Trailer Company which makes unique, retro and customizable small footprint trailers.

Cindy H
  • Animal Care Companion
    since Jul 2010

You will always remember Cindy by her enormous smile, consistently friendly demeanor and her everlasting love of animals, especially dogs and cats. Her compassion is clearly indicated in her work as a counselor in community mental health. Also, just a few minutes with Cindy and a dog and you can see her love and passion for animals
shine through.

Since 2007, Cindy has been a regular volunteer dog walker and team leader at the Oregon Humane Society on the Sunday afternoon team that walks and cares for 80-100 dogs. She handles the strongest of dogs by teaching them good walking behavior using training tools and her skills.

Cindy has always had animals in her life and she currently shares her home with a sweet kitty, two pit bulls and an elderly cat adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. Ever wonder who adopts the old cats? Cindy is one of those angels who brought home a 15-year old cat who is now quite comfortable in her new family.

Stephanie S
  • Overnight Animal Care Companion
    since Sep 2010

Stephanie is one of our Overnight specialists and we are so happy to have her part of our team. She is an animal lover and advocate since childhood. She would bring home strays and beg her parents to let her keep them, so she had many pets growing up. Also Stephanie was quite the entrepreneur as a teenager – she would often approach pet owners in her neighborhood asking to walk their dog for them during the summer.

Stephanie has been a pet sitter for over 14 years and continues to study animal care and behavior by taking educational courses through Dove Lewis and the Oregon Humane Society. She is also quite the crafter.  Stephanie makes home-made dog and cat treats, leash hangers and organic dog soaps and sells them at bazaars and craft shows and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Oregon Humane Society.

Professional and
Volunteer Training

  • Oregon Humane Society training, including:
    • Dog walking tools training – leashes, harnesses, Easy Walk, Gentle Leader
    • Dog Safety and Handling
    • Pet Pals for Dogs – proper walking techniques and basic training skills for dogs
    • Reactive Rover Course – effective training to help dogs who react to other dogs
    • Basic Manners Class for dogs
    • Canine Body Language – how to recognize the signals dogs are communicating to us
    • Animal Communications Course
  • Tellington T-Touch Introductory Course
  • Canine Massage Class – HEAL
  • Animal Behavior Training Workshops given by well-known behavior specialists such as Karen Pryor, Suzanne Clothier, Ian Dunbar, Pamela Reid