Portland Mutt Strut, LLC

Award-winning professional dog walkers and pet sitters

Award-winning professional dog walkers and pet sitters

Award-winning professional dog walkers and pet sitters Award-winning professional dog walkers and pet sitters

About Our Company

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 Portland Mutt Strut, LLC, an Oregon-licensed, insured and bonded company based in NE Portland has been providing dog walking and pet sitting services since January 2009. A locally-owned and operated company, our team of dog walkers and pet sitters will give you our fullest attention, your pets the finest of care and show you why we were named "TOP DOG" by Spot Magazine each year from 2011-2017.

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Wag more. Worry Less.

The health and happiness of your pets, and your own confidence and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. You're inviting Portland Mutt Strut's dog walkers and pet sitters into your home to care for your beloved pets. This partnership is based on respect and professionalism and we nurture that relationship with the highest commitment to quality and compassion. 

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Only the Best to Care for Your Pets

Our professional dog walkers and pet sitters have extensive animal care experience, including the skills involved in walking all types of dogs. So, whether it's a rambunctious puppy with energy to burn or a senior citizen cat with diabetes that needs medication, you can count on our dog walkers and pet sitters to provide a level of care, affection and attention second to none.

Who We Are

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Experienced. Professional. Reliable pet sitters.

We got the credentials and training you care about.

We got the credentials and training you care about.

The hallmark of our dog walking and pet sitting team is our EXPERIENCE. We are the very best you will find in Portland:

>  Extensive animal handling skills

>  Passion and love for all animals

>  Superior customer service skills

>  100% commitment to our clients

>  Unwavering reliability

>  Experienced with medications

>  Ability to think on their feet

>  Calmly handle any situation

>  Excellent commmunications skills

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We got the credentials and training you care about.

We got the credentials and training you care about.

We got the credentials and training you care about.

Courses completed:

>  Dog and cat body language 

>  Pet first aid and CPR

>  Dog safety and handling

>  Proper dog walking techniques

>  Dog walking tools training

>  Basic training skills

>  Reactive rover 

>  Terrible teens

>  Animal comunications

>  TTouch introductory course

>  Canine massage (introductory)

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Memberships. Affiliations. Certifications.

We got the credentials and training you care about.

Memberships. Affiliations. Certifications.

>  Pet Sitters Associates liability and 

     bonding insurance

>  Oregon Business License

>  Oregon Humane Society

     Technical Animal Rescue Team

>  Humane Society of the U.S. 

     Disaster Animal Response Team

>  FEMA certification Animals and  

     Livestock in Disasters

>  RedRover Rescue Team

>  Best Friends Animal Society

>  PAW Team

Patricia McKinney

Patricia McKinney owner Portland Mutt Strut

Founder, Owner and Pet Sitter

Patricia's love of animals propelled her to follow her passion full-time and start Portland Mutt Strut. As a former Oregon Humane Society volunteer for over ten years, she developed extensive handling skills and walked all types of dogs while learning a lot about animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Depth of Experience in Animal Community

Her animal handling and team leading skills have proven invaluable during difficult rescues involving dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals including these disaster and neglect case rescues:

>  New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina - HSUS' largest animal rescue and sheltering operation. Cared for over 250 "challenging dog breeds" after their rescue.

>  St Louis - Federal bust of a multi-state dog fighting ring and subsequent ongoing care in a secret location. Lead team from Oregon to care for over 500 fighting pit bulls in conjunction with other elite teams.

>  Burns, Oregon - Oregon Humane Society's confiscation of 130 feral dogs from neglect and abuse. Part of an experienced team which rescued, transported and aided in their rehabilitation and care.

>  Angel's Rest and Mt Hood, Oregon - Participated in two high-angle rescues with the Oregon Humane Society's Technical Animal Rescue (OHSTAR) team, each involving a dog who fell off a cliff, requiring technical equipment knowledge and team leadership.

>  Chelais, Washington - Part of OHSTAR's rescue and transport of over 25 cats from a hoarding household.

>  Best Friends Animal Society - Participated with other skilled dog handlers in caring for, feeding and walking 100 dogs rescued from Beruit, Lebanon after their shelter was decimated due to bombing during war.

Always a Student

Patricia enjoys studying and learning from veterinarians and dog training experts through workshops, seminars, books, magazines and newsletters. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with the Portland Mutt Strut's dog walkers and pet sitters and our clients. Her best teachers are her four-legged animals who continually educate and inspire her every day.

Management and Pet Sitter

Patricia runs all aspects of Portland Mutt Strut including scheduling, finances and marketing operations. She is also an active pet sitter and dog walker with the team and enjoys taking care of them most of all.

Portland Mutt Strut is a 12-year old healthy company with steady growth, committed team members, wonderful clients and a stellar reputation, all of which are as important to us as it is to you. We are very proud of our successes and awards that we've earned.

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